The Tale of Fay and Finn, two little Niesen Foxes

This is a sequel to the story about Mr. Whiskers, the fox who lights the beacon on the top of Mount Niesen in the Swiss Alps. It features the youngest members of his family - Fay and Finn – two naughty little fox cubs, who are very curious and want to see what Grandpa Whiskers does every evening when he leaves his den. One day they follow him. The exciting adventures of Fay and Finn combine the real animal world, mountain hazards and the old weather sayings of the Niesen. Through the 32 pages of magical illustrations by Karin Widmer, the hands-on encouragement for children to take part, and the imaginative story-telling of Judith Josi, the mountain world becomes real and alive.

Autoren: Judith Josi, Karin Widmer
40 pages, 21 × 21 cm, hardcover
Includes many illustrations.
ISBN 978-3-03818-294-8, CHF 20.–/EUR 20.–

Auch in Deutsch erhältlich!

CHF 20.00