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Rolf Hiltl: Hiltl. Veggi international

CHF 59.00

The success story continues: Once again, Hiltl has reinvented itself with a comprehensive renovation– and now attracts more guests than ever before. Hiltl‘s enthusiasm for developing new ideas on the basis of long-standing traditions has become the trademark of the family business. This volume includes over 60 new recipes from the kitchen of the first vegetarian restaurant in the world according to «Guinness World Records». For those who enjoy entertaining, this book provides an opportunity to do so «Hiltl style», with a combination of local roots and international flair.

Author: Rolf Hiltl
5th revised and updated edition
176 pages, 21,9 x 26 cm, hardcover
With 104 pictures
ISBN 978-3-85932-957-7, CHF 59.– / EUR 59.–

Auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.


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