Gottfried & Andrea von Siebenthal: Madame Gstaad (Englisch)

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Gottfried & Andrea von Siebenthal: Madame Gstaad (Englisch) erscheint später in diesem Jahr (siehe Beschreibung). Das Buch wird gleich nach Erscheinungsdatum versendet (Vorbestellung).


Will be released in september

In their first novel, Gottfried and Andrea von Siebenthal recount the fascinating true story of Emilie Steffen-von Siebenthal (1846 –1922) in a fact-filled and imaginative way: Born in Gstaad into a poor family of 14 children, Emilie, like many other people from the region, leaves her home as a young woman in search of a better life. After several years in Geneva and Paris, she returns to her home. As a baker’s wife, she becomes an important person in the village and, unwillingly, a key figure in the village fire that destroys half the village in 1898 and  changes the lives of those involved forever. Against all odds, she becomes a formative figure in the village as tourism begins to flourish – “Madame Gstaad”.

Authors: Gottfried von Siebenthal,  Andrea von Siebenthal
184 pages, 16 × 23 cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-03818-499-7
CHF 39.–  |  EUR 39.–
With 96 pictures.