Div: Little Challi Flea, where are you?

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The last summer has been very hot. The glacier flea from the picture book „Little Aletsch Flea, you are not alone“ had to move several times. Meltwater washed away all of his homes. Animals suffer from climate change, yet ­people don’t seem to take their wishes seriously. Now, the little Aletsch Flea is worried about his fellow fleas on the other glaciers. His friend, the Painted Lady, makes her way to the Upper Grindelwald Glacier to look for the little Challi Flea. The little Challi Flea has dreamed of him. New friends like the Sudeten Ringlet, the Alpine Chough, a Cow with horns and the great Golden Eagle help her on her task. The eyes of the eagle can see the tiniest dots on the ice like a binocular.

Author: Beat Hugi
Illustration: Karin Widmer
32 Pages, English, 28,7 × 21,5 cm,
ISBN 978-3-03818-447-8 CHF 29.–  |  EUR 29.–